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Citrus Fruits

Our Work

We currently have 4 main projects that we are working on! Check our blog for any updates on the movement, the release of the app, publications on the photo gallery, or the addition of any new projects.

Food Donation Volunteers


The Food Saver Movement

Our primary work - partnering with restaurants to deliver their excess food to wherever it is most needed.


Web App:

A web app that streamlines the process of getting food from restaurants to food banks and homeless shelters. It makes it easy for volunteers to pick up food and deliver it to wherever it needs to go. Created with the goal of making food transportation smoother, more consistent, and easier to implement in other cities.

Smart Phone Outline



Photo Gallery

Homelessness is very closely tied to our work. Check out our photo gallery for a collection of images from the Greater Seattle Area meant to show the extent of the homelessness crisis in the region. 

All photos are taken by our founder,

Arjun Menon.


Our Blog

Our blog is dedicated to spreading awareness of the homelessness and food insecurity crises, as well as how the two tie in together. Look to it for information on both issues as well as updates on our work.

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